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卡罗莱纳集装箱是罗利三角地区和其他地区首屈一指的集装箱零售商. Whether you’re in Wake Forest, Clayton, Durham, Morrisville, Apex, Fuquay-Varina, or Knightdale, we’re the best shipping container retailer, renter, and customizer out there. We have a massive inventory available for both rental and purchase 根据您的需要,我们保证我们有完美的锥形容器供您使用!

A true shipping container is going to be made with 14 gauge steel, 这意味着你应该被完全保护起来,不受外界因素的影响,也不受任何恶意的人的影响. 需要注意的一件大事是,你需要计划有足够的空间, 集装箱的一端有一个大的金属门,可以打开,你需要确保它们有足够的空间. Otherwise, they can be put just about anywhere. The doors have industry-standard weather tight gaskets and are lockable, it’s extremely hard for someone to get past the lock. All in all, 我们的储存容器是暂时或长期储存任何物品的最佳选择, gear, materials, whatever you may have! You truly can’t find anything better than one of our containers.

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我们有大量的海运集装箱可以直接运送给你, wherever you want it! We have containers available in 10, 20, and 40-foot variations. You may also hear them referred to as conex containers, storage containers, and freight containers among other things. A lot of shipping containers are used in all different types of construction, 无论是作为老板的移动办公室,还是存放最昂贵的设备和材料. 除此之外,它们也很适合在家里使用,即使它只是用于存储,仅此而已. Now beyond just all of the different sizes of shipping containers we have available, 我们也有各种各样的特殊容器,它们更适合某些工作. Those being things like side opening containers, high-cube containers that are taller than normal, or even top-opening containers! We have a container to meet any of your needs, 我们还提供定制,这样我们就可以添加你最需要的功能和东西.

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我们的客户伟德betvlctor国际和最高质量和范围的集装箱在该地区是其他地方无法比拟的. We treat all customers as if they’re our only customer, 不管你是买下我们所有的存货还是租一个10英尺的集装箱住一个月. 如果你有短期需要一个储存容器,无论是在家里还是在工作场所, give us a call! 我们提供按月租赁,如果这只是为您更好的工作比购买一个! Not sure which size is best for you? No problem! Just talk to us about what and how much you plan to store, and we should be able to help you figure out what’s going to work best for you.

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Storage container modifications and customizationsNot only do we have the highest quality containers in the area, but we also can deliver them to your job site or doorstep if you so choose. We’ll gladly come out to Clayton to drop off your container for you, a lot of companies can’t say that! Even if you don’t buy your container from us, we can transport it anywhere you need for not too much money. Need more than one moved? Just let us know. 我们拥有北卡罗来纳最大的钢铁储存集装箱库存之一,对我们来说,在克莱顿提供伟德betvlctor国际是顺理成理的下一步.

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我们非常自豪我们有能力把你的标准集装箱变成特别的东西. Carolina Containers & Transport 擅长伟德betvlctor国际和定制新的和使用的航运集装箱. If you have a vision for your container, we can help you make it become a reality. Over the last 10 years, we have modified shipping containers into homes and mobile offices, garages, studio spaces, concession stands, greenhouses, training facilities, and much more. 与我们的个人客户密切合作,以满足他们在小型和大型项目上的需求是我们做得最好的一件事. 我们的定制团队可以为任何标准或客户制造的集装箱配备卷帘门, windows, paint, electrical work, HVAC, insulation, and much more. 我们监督我们的项目从开始到结束,我们可以在内部满足您的所有需求, no extra costs or time.

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When you need on-site instant access to a ground-level office or safe indoor space, our portable office is the perfect solution. 我们的办公集装箱是由耐用的高品质材料制成的,符合国家和国家的建设, electrical and mechanical codes so you can use them without a worry! 为了更好地满足每个人的需求,我们提供办公集装箱出租和购买. 所以无论你是需要一个长期的解决方案,还是仅仅需要一个一周的应急办公室, Carolina Containers can help you with all of your needs. 这些办公室甚至可以配备空调和/或暖气设备,让你在工作场所一年四季都感到舒适. 海运集装箱办公室有一些优势,超过您的轧机木制拖车, 在建筑环境中,集装箱要坚固和安全得多,而且它的便携性达到了顶峰, you can truly move or use it just about anywhere.

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