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当您需要现场立即进入地面办公空间, our portable office is the perfect solution

Our shipping container offices are made with durable high-quality materials that meet national and state building, electrical and mechanical codes, 此外,我们出色的客服人员一直为您提供支持! Our office containers are made with durable high-quality materials that meet national and state building, electrical and mechanical codes, 此外,我们出色的客服人员一直为您提供支持!

为了更好地满足客户的需求,我们提供了移动办公室 rental and sale. These portable offices can be equipped with a full HVAC system so you can have A/C or cooling as you need it. We know just how hot it gets in the south sometimes, A/C can be a saving grace when you have it. 不管你从事什么行业,这对你来说都是完美的选择. We mainly cater to construction companies and getting mobile offices on-site for them but we can truly do it for anyone. Say your office building is having a problem and will be unusable for a week – a mobile container can be parked exactly where you need it and you can get on with your business like nothing ever happened.

Shipping Container Offices

你可能会质疑将集装箱用作办公室的整个想法, 但我们可以向你保证,它们实际上和你能得到的一样好. 比传统的建筑拖车更便宜,也更坚固, 海运集装箱可以很容易地改造成任何类型的办公环境. From a simple place with lots of space for computers and screens to an office filled with whiteboards and space for you to spread out plans or drawings, 一个集装箱就能装得很好.

We can’t stress enough you will never get this level of customization out of any other kind of mobile office you can find. Our offices are also going to be a lot more durable and secure than your average mobile office, 您可以放心,从工具到安全文档, 你最重要的财产会被妥善保管.

Container offices, security offices, portable offices, ground-level offices (GLOs), mobile office containers —Whatever you call them they’re the best mobile office solution out there. We do all of our own shipping container transportation, our drivers are extremely skilled and can get your office container parked exactly where you need it to be. Having an on-site office that you know you can reliably use and be comfortable in not only helps the morale of all involved, 但它为你提供了一个完成高质量工作的地方,如果你需要,还可以开会.

Ground-Level Mobile Office Trailer

If the run of the mill average ground-level office container isn’t going to cut it for you, 那么海运集装箱地面办公室就是最好的选择. 电子邮件、文书工作和会议是每个业务(甚至是建筑)的一部分. 那么多邮件,那么多文书工作,那么多会议. When you do need that nice quiet place you can go for hours on end to just get some work done, you’ll have it.

They even give you a place to have visitors or management in for reviews, meetings, and all of that. 耐久性是任何集装箱最大的特点, 他们可以抵抗你需要的任何东西. 普通的木制移动办公室是无法与之相比的. 它们不仅在设计时考虑到了力量, 但它们可以轻松地伟德betvlctor国际和移动到你需要的任何地方. We are happy to offer portable office rentals, so for those few weird circumstances when you need an office only for a short period of time, you’ll have it.

Buy or Rent Mobile Construction Offices

shipping container offices无论你是在建筑工地工作还是在你的建筑上工作 – a mobile office that can be dropped off right where you need it is the perfect solution for your problems. They’re superior to the old wooden trailers in just about every single way, we’ll list a few below.

  • Safe and Secure. 钢结构和坚固的门,确保人员和财产的高度安全.
  • Weather Resistance. 我们的办公集装箱可以防雨防雪,它们的设计是为了抵御恶劣天气.
  • Durable. Our portable offices retain their value for decades, they’re made of extremely resistant metal.
  • Built-in Mobility. 很容易在工作地点附近或全国范围内搬迁. Designed for mobility.
  • Reliable Comfort. 气候控制系统使工作空间保持舒适. Allowing you to work more efficiently.

Portable Office Rental

通常情况下,我们将移动办公室出租而不是出售. 我们最常用的客户是建筑公司, 他们只会在工作期间租一间办公室, we’ll get it delivered where it needs to go, 并在项目结束时及时完成. We do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Again the ease of transporting shipping containers proves to be one of its strongest features. Renting portable offices is just more reasonable for most people than buying them outright – though we are certainly more than glad to sell you anything you need. We also offer a wide array of shipping container customization -我们尽我们所能帮助您满足您的任何和所有需求.


Construction: Any sizable construction office is going to need a good base of operations, 而这正是我们制造移动地面办公室的目的. 现在你就有了制定计划所需的所有空间, make last-minute changes, and just have a central base of operation. For all of your workers, 在炎热的日子里,它也可以作为一个躲避太阳的好地方. These offices can have storage space added so you can store all the files and plans you need right on-site.

休息室:可以是为露天集市或建筑工人准备的, 移动办公室是一个完美的地方来闲逛和热身/放松. Don’t worry, with just a little siding put up inside you would never know you’re inside a metal container! We can ensure you have all the right connections to run electricity so you really can do whatever you need.

Special Events: Special events and festivals are the perfect opportunities to use our mobile office containers. 通常节日和特别的活动都在公园或开阔的田野里举行, 这样你就有足够的空间来使用集装箱办公室了. 办公室给管理层提供了开会讨论事情的场所, keep all critical devices charged, anything needed. They can be used as main offices, meeting points, first aid station locations, 在罗利三角地区和周边地区也有很多. 我们很乐意把我们的集装箱办公室租给你,这样你就可以有一个成功的活动!

If you’re ready to take the next step and order your container or need to contact us to get more information, please do! What is a shipping container?

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